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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360)

Apologies if this rambles, it'll take me a while to get used to being more succinct. 

Well this game was interesting. It doesn't quite pull off the 'Tactical Shooter' thing, it's more of a 'Hide Behind Things and Panic' title. I literally spent most of the hours I clocked up lining up my crosshairs in 'Blind-Fire' mode so I could dodge out from cover to squeeze off a couple of rounds before the 3 terrifyingly well-placed bullets necessary to kill my character found their mark. I got seriously worried that the game was set in a world where every terrorist had access to elite sniper training.

The progression is also a little skewed, I had trouble with the difficulty curve, since I forgot to bring a Sherpa. I got the hang of making my two team-mates take care of all the difficult work, just in time for me to get thrown into a LONG solo mission in what seemed to be an oil refinery. Oh, that's right, plenty of cover for the thousand terrorists you're up against, while everything you can hide behind is explosive! It's okay though, you get your team back after that mission, for about as long as it takes to get your dumb ass blown off a balcony so you can take on a helicopter gunship...

Don't get me wrong though, R6:V2 is a fun game, the A.C.E.S system gives you points for certain types of kills, which in turn unlocks new weapons for you, so you start getting creative with your kills. I found myself carpet-bombing rooms with incendiary grenades, and for a change it wasn't just for the explosions and seeing people on fire, it also racks up a LOT of Assault kills! Who knew there was a way to make setting people on fire even more rewarding?
I've played this game on a friend's PC as well, and this is one of the few shooters I've played that doesn't suffer from console controls. Commanding my team was a little trickier, but once I figured out that forcing them into 'Assault' mode permanently and just switching between loud-fire and silencers* covers just about any eventuality.

Overall, I'll begrudgingly be going back to this from time to time, so I guess I'd say this game was pretty addictive.

*Pssh, silencers? Who am I kidding?